Fundraising ideas

Not too sure what you want to do - but know you will be doing it in a group?  Below are some great ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Love to cook?

  • Host a morning tea at your work, mother’s group, or another gathering. Include healthy options, such as low-fat muffins and fresh fruit.
  • Do you have a favourite restaurant or café?  A charity lunch or dinner is relatively easy to organise, and can generate great conversations and fundraising.
  • During the warmer months, a healthy BBQ is a great idea.  Use the HF catering guidelines and provide lean meats, vegies and green salads. 
  • High Tea Party.  Going out for High Tea is very fashionable at the moment, so why not host your own High Tea Party and raise funds in the process?  Serve specialty teas and gourmet sandwiches
  • Wine & Cheese tours.  Book through one of the many companies available, or hire a bus and organise your own.
  • Everyone thinks they are a Master Chef…why not let them prove it!  Host a Cook-Off at work, your local sports club, or with friends.  Have an entry fee and a prize for the winner and watch the competitive streaks emerge!
  • Progressive dinner.  Grab a group of friends and have a three course meal, with each course served at a different house or location.  Donations can be collected at each stop.
  • A colour theme can really add to an event and there are many foods that are ‘Heart Foundation Red” – why not consider a Strawberries and Cream (low-fat, of course!) morning tea?

Love to run?

  • Start your own running group
  • Enter a fundraising team into a running event and have people sponsor you.  There are many events to choose from, such as City 2 Surf – find one in your home city and go for it!
  • Feeling ambitious? Create your own charity running event.

Love to cycle?

  • Start your own cycling group.
  • Enter a fundraising team into a cycling event and have people sponsor you. There are many events to choose from, such as The Great Victorian Bike Ride - find one in your home state and give it a go!
  • Think bigger, and create your own charity cycling event.

Love to swim?

  • Enter a fundraising team into a swimming event and have people sponsor you. Find an event in your home city and give it a go!
  • Create your own charity swimming event.  Give it a theme to get people really excited!

Love to walk?

  • Start your own walking group.
  • Enter a fundraising team in a walking event and have people sponsor you.  There are many events to choose from, so find one in your home city and sign up – you could even enter a team to make it more fun!
  • Participate in the Heart Foundation’s Walking program.
  • Create your own charity walking event.
  • Stair-Climb.  Choose a building with lots of stairs and collect pledges in support of your climb.  This can be done either as a group, or if you work in the building, make it an event!

Love dressing red?

  • Get your best frock out and put on a “Dress Red” cocktail evening, gala event or dinner dance.
  • Host a masquerade or fancy dress party

Love to do something else?

  • Comedy Night
  • Bingo day
  • Movie Night
  • Trivia Night
  • Golf Charity Day
  • Lawn Bowls/Barefoot Bowls Charity Event
  • Christmas/Valentine’s Day/New Year’s Eve party
  • Poker tournament
  • Girls Night In
  • Guys Night In
  • Love your sport?  Why not hold a charity game or tournament?  There are so many options: footy, cricket, table tennis, volleyball, basketball, netball, tennis, hockey, soccer, ten pin bowling – the possibilities are endless.  To make your event really stand out, consider including a theme for the day. 
  • Are you musical?  Why not hold a concert or battle of the bands event?
  • Silent auction.  Can be done as part of an event or just on it’s own.  Spread the word to get people bidding.
  • Treasure Hunt/Car Rally/Amazing Race.  Make it fun, adventurous and competitive – people will love it.
  • Get everyone kicking up their heels at a Dance-a-thon.
  • Shopping Tours are a great fundraiser.  Spend a day shopping with friends and raising money at the same time.
  • Karaoke Idol. 
  • Sweepstakes.  Whether it’s for the AFL/NRL Grand Final or the Melbourne Cup, invite people to dress up, enter sweeps (winner, last place, first goal/try etc).  Charge an entry fee and donate all or a portion of the proceeds.
  • World Heart Day (In 2013, this occurs on 29th September).  Choose one of your events to coincide with this day, to give it extra meaning.
  • Don’t forget about the families! Organise a Kids Day Out or Teddy Bear’s Picnic, with lots of activities and space to run around.


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